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Hey there!

You’ve found my personal portfolio.

I’m looking to collaborate with software/product teams that can leverage my experience and challenge as many of my skills as possible.

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Initial concept → deployment

I enjoy participating in every stage of a digital project—from defining the product to contributing code. Over a decade’s worth of creative direction and project mgmt experience allows me to take a leadership role as needed.

As a UX designer, I’ve helped shape the overall concept and objectives of a project, and then as a creative director/project manager I’ve guided an iterative process of design and development. In most cases I’ve also personally designed the visual and interactive experience and/or heavily collaborated in the code to bring it all to life.

    Hats donned

  • project manager
  • ux designer
  • creative director
  • team lead
  • operations and business development
  • interaction designer
  • front-end developer

    Notes to live by

  • clarify the client objectives
  • understand the user
  • support the team
  • communicate constantly and consistently
  • follow an intentional process
  • improve the process
UX Design

Let's start with UX

Maybe where user experience ends and where other things like user interface design start is up for discussion. Ultimately, I don’t think being precise here matters much. I do feel strongly that the values and principles that drive user experience design need to be supported in every step of the design/development process.

I use my role in any project to make sure the business objectives are considered in the context of the user’s needs. Then I advocate for these considerations to be present at every step. Outside of that, I believe in being flexible and clarifying priorities: every project needs a tailored blend of UX practices, design love and technical know-how.

    Practices practiced

  • product definition
  • user research
  • user testing
  • information architecture

    Deliverables delivered

  • UX audits
  • product strategy briefs
  • user personas
  • content plans
  • wireflows
Interaction Design

Designing for humans

Translating UX objectives and priorities into effective and impactful interactive experiences is very satisfying for me. Drawing on my experience as a designer, I enjoy creating tools and solutions in the form of digital interfaces.

This part of the process tends to become the focal point of so much rich collaboration between designers, developers and the client—and I love being in the middle of it.

    Practices practiced

  • wireframing
  • user interaction analysis
  • visual design
  • animation and interaction
  • prototyping

    Deliverables delivered

  • wireframes and flows
  • high fidelity mockups
  • coded components
  • clickable prototypes
Front end development

Focus on the front-end

I love being on a team. In some cases, I'll take on the role of the front-end developer if design and UX has already been handled. When creating or updating the HTML, CSS and JS of new or existing projects, I try to bake in accessibility and performance while bringing the interactive experience to life.

Often, these are opportunities to challenge my skills and learn a ton from the other designers and developers on the project.

    Libraries leveraged

  • WordPress
  • jekyll
  • Craft CMS
  • shopify
  • react

    Deliverables delivered

  • translate provided designs into code
  • site architecture
  • performance & accessibility
  • sometimes PHP, React, or other templating languages