Case Study
UX Reviews

User experience audits of existing software

Working with Corgibytes, one of my main activities has been to provide UX reviews of their clients’ legacy software applications. This review becomes a component of their very impressively insightful and invaluable code inspections.

Each UX review is guided by the client’s business objectives. I then take care to define the user/audience groups of the software and tailor the review to those perspectives. Within this context I identify and catalog points of friction within the user’s experience of the application, providing recommendations to address each. I then surface the top priority items based on what will provide the largest positive impact for the stated business objectives.

These reviews consistently generate additional UI, layout and development tasks. They also guide the long-term development roadmap of the application.

Image of sample UX review materials

    My contributions

  • client interviews
  • user testing
  • experience analysis
  • final report generation

    Criteria analyzed

  • usability
  • architecture/organization
  • performance
  • accessibility
  • visual design