Case Study
Custom Websites

Assorted custom sites from scratch

A few more custom sites I’ve built—responsive, browser-based websites are where I’ve spent most of my working hours. Working directly with clients from the start to finish, I've designed and crafted these custom sites each with a tailored content management system.

These types of projects have kept me sharp in areas from project and client management to visual design and front-end development. They’ve kept me in close collaboration with marketers, brand designers and business owners. The varied libraries and systems have pushed me to continue learning new approaches and methods within familiar programming languages. Each has provided an opportunity for me to craft a custom visual and interactive system, then execute the final code.

    Technologies used

  • WordPress
  • jekyll
  • Craft CMS
  • shopify

    My contributions

  • project/client management
  • user experience design
  • interaction/visual design
  • content planning and architecture
  • development: HTML, CSS, JS, PHP