Case Study
Assorted clients and partners

CMS and eCommerce sites

Whether teaming up for a new build with a partner company, or jumping in on an existing site to iterate and improve, wearing the front-end hat is a joy. The focus on execution and efficiency is a refreshing contrast to the broader design thinking involved in UX and design tasks. Also, I beleive my perspective on design and UX is enriched by participating so heavily in development.

In each of these examples, development was my primary task, but I also either collobarated directly with the designers on the team or I identified and fulfilled UX and design needs when called for.

    Technologies used

  • WordPress
  • jekyll
  • Craft CMS
  • shopify

    My contributions

  • project/client management
  • user experience design
  • interaction/visual design
  • content planning and architecture
  • development: HTML, CSS, JS, PHP